Latest from the Institute for Linguistic Heritage and Diversity

Classes brochure 2021-2022

ILARA classes establish a bridge between ancient languages, documented only in writing, and languages ​​with an oral tradition, whose documentation includes an audio-visual dimension.

ILARA presentation brochure

ILARA is an educational institution and a centre of expertise and resources on rare and precious languages. Founded in 2020, it is one of the four Institutes of the École Pratique des Hautes Études...

The evolution of linguistic diversity

Coordination : Amina Mettouchi (EPHE-PSL) There is increasing recognition that the incredible diversity of the world’s 7000 languages should not be regarded as superficial variations on a fictitious or empirically vague ‘universal grammar’. Rather,...

Writing systems in the ancient worlds

Coordination : Andréas Stauder (EPHE-PSL) Writing was invented, independently, in several places and in always different contexts: in Mesopotamia and Egypt at the end of the 4th millennium, in the Aegean world and in...

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