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Course calendar 2023-2024

LARA classes establish a bridge between ancient languages, documented only in writing, and languages ​​with an oral tradition, whose documentation includes an audio-visual dimension.

Claude Rilly: launch of the ILARA for Researchers

ILARA launches its new series, the ILARA for Researchers, with Claude Rilly, Director of Research at CNRS and Director of Studies at EPHE-PSL! The ILARA for Researchers presents the most recent research on rare...

I Am Ta Nui, My Mother’s Island

ILARA Online is pleased to launch its new series, Speakers of ILARA! For the first video of this series, we are delighted to meet Marie-Rose Ta Nui Agnie, Trainer at the Te Fare Natura...

Maiden with Side Buns: a Mosaic Inscribed in Syriac

by Muriel Debié A Syriac inscription reveals the name of a young woman with a hairstyle traditional of Edessa. This entry introduces a little-known corpus of mosaics currently displayed in the Department of Oriental...

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