Claude Rilly: launch of the ILARA for Researchers

Claude Rilly in the Nouba Mountains, Sudan, in 2007, recording a speaker of the Afitti language, a distant cousin of Meroitic.

ILARA launches its new series, the ILARA for Researchers, with Claude Rilly, Director of Research at CNRS and Director of Studies at EPHE-PSL!

The ILARA for Researchers presents the most recent research on rare languages, presented directly by its actors to the general public.

Claude Rilly is a linguist, egyptologist and archaeologist, mainly specializing in Meroitic and Nilo-Saharan languages. He is also director of the French Archaeological Mission of Sedeinga, in Sudan.

In this video, Claude Rilly presents his research methodology, using related languages ​​for the decipherment of Meroitic.

Visit the Researchers playlist on our YouTube channel.

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