Writing Systems in the Ancient World

Coordination: Andréas Stauder (EPHE – PSL)

Writing was invented, independently, in several places and in always different contexts: in Mesopotamia and Egypt at the end of the 4th millennium, in the Aegean world and in China in the 2nd millennium, in the valley of the Indus in the 3rd millennium, in Central America in the 1st millennium BC. In many ways, the various alphabetic scripts derive from these early written traditions. As much as linguistic notation tools, scripts are modes of visual communication and markers of cultural identities, reflecting the ancient societies that created, transmitted and transformed them.

This theme of lectures presents some of these writings and the richness of their history. The conferences, given by specialists in the writings in question, are aimed at a wide audience.

Registration on the EPHE Eventbrite for each conference of the theme. The Zoom link will be sent to you just before the meeting.

More informations on our french website.

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