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Protecting and passing on the diversity of the world’s linguistic heritage

ILARA adapts to an increasingly dynamic world thanks to its commitment to sharing and exchanging knowledge. Through its course program as well as its physical and digital mediation projects, it reaches out to its target audiences at a time when the importance of promoting the world’s linguistic heritage at the heart of society is being felt more than ever. Being much more than financial contributors, our patrons are helping us build an ambitious and innovative cultural project.

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50% of the 7,000 spoken or signed languages of the planet are facing extinction, and the vast majority of those which could soon disappear remain under-described. Many languages have already died out, and only some of them have been preserved in writing. However, each dying language takes with it a vision of the world, a universe of knowledge. Like biodiversity, linguistic diversity is a wealth to be preserved and maintained in order for society to meet the challenges of the present effectively. Help us do it!

ILARA draws on the exceptional potential of its academic and social environment, which harbours a great diversity of language families, to raise awareness of the richness of the intangible heritage of humanity, to support the preservation of linguistic diversity and to share the latest research results in this field with the general public.

By supporting ILARA:

  • You contribute to making lesser-known languages essential for humanity;
  • You support speakers in protecting their languages;
  • You contribute to providing answers to the challenges of the future by making it possible to share cultural and ecological knowledge carried by indigenous and ancient languages;
  • You strengthen social bonds by working towards a better understanding among beings and among cultures.
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