The course choice at EPHE-PSL is much wider, and many other specialists use texts in little-known ancient or modern languages ​​in their seminars. Feel free to consult the complete course calendar of EPHE-PSL and the websites of its partner institutions.

Whatever your main area of ​​interest or your level, you may get in touch with the specialist of the language or language family that you would like to discover.

At EPHE-PSL, the course choice includes introductory courses, seminars involving the reading and studying of new documents and requiring preliminary language skills, seminars dedicated to literary and documentary expression in a given language, or seminars dealing with the study of language families or groupings.

At ILARA, courses in languages or language families, offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, are semester-long, full-year or offered as intensive one-to-two-week courses. The languages ​​are classified by geographical, linguistic and cultural areas.

The courses offered by ILARA are complementary to those offered by EPHE-PSL and its partner institutions.

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