Lycian Languages

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Languages and Cultures of Lycia Rostislav Oreshko (CNRS, Orient & Méditerranée)

Lycian (glottocode: lyci1241) and Milyan (glottocode: mily1238), also known as Lycian B, were two languages spoken in the region of ancient Lycia (the Teke Peninsula in southern Asia Minor) in the first millennium BC. Both belong to the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European languages and have a particularly close relationship with Luwian. Lycian is attested by a few hundred stone inscriptions (funerary steles, dedications, decrees, etc.) as well as some graffiti on other material media such as ceramics and metal. Milyan is only attested by two lengthy inscriptions totaling more than 100 lines of text. It is likely that Milyan was spoken on the Milyas Plateau, north of the Lycian linguistic area.

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