Syriac 3

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Guided Reading of a Syriac Text (The Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius) – Muriel Debié (EPHE-PSL, Orient & Méditerranée)

Syriac (glottocode: clas1252) is classified among the Central Eastern Aramaic dialects. It is the form of Aramaic from northern Mesopotamia that became the standard language of Aramaic-speaking Christians and converts along the maritime trade routes from the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf to India, and overland, via Central Asia and Tibet to Mongolia and China. A productive language between the first and fourteenth century AD, Syriac is still the liturgical language of the Syrian Orthodox, Syrian Catholic, Maronite, Eastern Assyrian, and Chaldean Churches, and their many sister churches in Kerala, southwestern India, in the Near East and the diaspora. Syriac literature is the third most important ancient Christian literature.

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