Manchu – Xibe

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Manchu  Xibe – Alice Crowther (EPHE-PSL, CRCAO)

Manchu (glottocode: manc1252) is an extinct Tungusic language, which boasts an extensive corpus of documentation, primarily consisting of archival materials from the Qing dynasty (1644–1911), as well as literary texts (including translations from Chinese and Mongolian, songs, epics, and poetry), religious texts (such as those from the Buddhist, Taoist, shamanistic, and Christian traditions) and an epigraphic corpus.

Xibe (glottocode: xibe1242) is a Tungusic language closely related to written Manchu. It is classified as an endangered language, with an estimated 27,000 speakers residing mainly in China’s Chabcal Autonomous Region in Xinjiang.

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