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Introduction to Judaeo-Georgian – Hélène Gérardin (Inalco, SeDyL)

Kivruli (derived from the word “Hebrew”), also known as Judaeo-Georgian (glottocode: jude1258), is the language spoken by the Jews of Georgia. It currently has around 80,000 speakers, primarily in Israel and to a lesser extent in Georgia, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, and the United States. There are no textbooks or comprehensive descriptions available, but since the Soviet era, some publications and literary works have emerged in Kivruli, yet they have never been translated. From a linguistic perspective, Kivruli is based on Georgian (a language belonging to the Kartvelian or South Caucasian family), incorporating both standard and dialectal forms, as well as elements from Hebrew and Aramaic. Kivruli is written using the Hebrew and Georgian alphabets.

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