ILARA Cultures

This series has a more anthropological, ethnological, ethnographic, historical, archeological and sociological orientation, and selects original proposals (documentaries, interviews, reports …) produced by specialists of those fields.

The videos then remain online on our YouTube channel, in the Cultures playlist.

Cultures: Interview with Marie Lorin, director of “Keɗoɗaa maayo / Listen The River”

Keɗoɗaa maayo / Listen To The River brings out the singular and poetic voices that unfold on the banks of the Senegal River, in the face of the major upheavals that have occurred in the Senegal River Watershed.

The Awiakay and Meakambut of Papua New Guinea, by Darja Hoenigman

The Awiakay are a largely endogamous community of nearly 400 people living in Kanjimei village in the lowland rainforest of the Sepik southern flood plain in Papua New Guinea.

The southern mountain neighbors of the Awiakay, the Meakambut, are a group of no more than 62 individuals.

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