ILARA Online

ILARA Online is the virtual branch of the Institute of Linguistic Heritage and Diversity of Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (PSL, Paris). It explores languages that are little described, little studied, little spoken, or which have disappeared, via series of talks, round tables, interviews and other audiovisual formats, broadcast on our YouTube channel.

Contact :

Amina Mettouchi

Visit our YouTube channel.

ILARA Introductions and Themes

Talks or series of talks introducing rare and precious languages and their cultures.

ILARA Invitations

Live streaming of interviews, talks and round tables featuring internationally recognized specialists in the field of rare and precious languages.

ILARA Cultures

Original documentaries or reports, contributed by anthropologists, archeologists, historians…

ILARA Speakers

Filmed content, interviews or original reports, produced by, or in cooperation with speakers of these languages.

ILARA for Kids

Fun, educational and informative content on, or in rare and precious languages, intended for children, parents and instructors.

ILARA Researchers

Latest scientific findings on rare and precious languages, presented by researchers.

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