ILARA Themed Talks

ILARA Themed Talks are one of the formats offered on the ILARA Online YouTube channel, the virtual branch of the ​​Institute for Linguistic Heritage and Diversity. They explore languages that are little described, little studied, little spoken, or extinct. They consist of introductory conferences or cycles of conferences on rare and precious languages and their cultures.

Check out the Themed talks playlist on our YouTube channel.

Writing Systems in the Ancient World

These themed talks present some of these writings and the richness of their history. The talks, given by specialists in the writings in question, are aimed at a wide audience.

The Evolution of Linguistic Diversity

The broader goal of these themed talks is to establish a dialogue between linguists and philologists interested in the particularities of the languages they study, especially in cultural and historical contexts, and a general theory of how the world’s exuberant linguistic diversity has come into existence.

Jewish Languages

These sixteen themed talks given by internationally renowned specialists present Jewish languages and the richness of their history and their literary tradition.

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